Immortal Rising

Argeneau Series - Book 34

By Lynsay Sands

Avon Books - April 2022

Vampire Romance

Stephanie McGill lived a quiet life - or at least a life surrounded by as much quiet as she could. She and her sister had once lived in a happy, normal, family. Then they had been abducted and turned into vampires. Or rather immortals. But not normal immortals. She was a no-fanger at risk of turning rogue. And worse, she could hear everyone's thoughts. For miles. It had been a nightmare when she lived with her new family in a town. Now it was lonely in the remote home where she lived, but at least she only heard the thoughts of the few nearby locals.

Until all had gotten quiet. It had happened before when everyone had headed to a party. She planned to enjoy the silence and solitude while it lasted.

But it was short lived. Several hours later, a visitor arrived, and it wasn't another immortal. It was Thorne. Stephanie had heard of the island where a mad scientist, or simply evil scientist, had manipulated DNA to create genetic variations of humans with animal characteristics. Thorne was one of the results of his tests and wanted a surgery to allow him to interact with society. Stephanie thought he was amazing as is, but could understand.

Thorne was intrigued with Stephanie from the moment he saw her, but knew he couldn't offer her the life, future, and family she deserved. He was never going to be able to show himself to the world, and he definitely would never risk passing his genetic soup to a child. But when a potential threat is revealed, Thorne realizes there is nothing he won't do for this woman.

Immortal Rising is a sweet romance bringing together two loners of the immortal world. It was interesting to see Stephanie and Throne work through their feelings, and the possibility that they could be life mates. There were surprises and twists which made Immortal Rising an excellent addition to the Argeneau series.

Kathy Andrico -


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