Mile High With a Vampire

Argeneau Series - Book 33

By Lynsay Sands

Avon Books - October 2021

Vampire Romance

Jet Lassiter had been flying vampires, or immortals, as they referred to themselves, around the world. It was a lucrative job, and he enjoyed it. This had been another mundane flight, until he had awakened after the plane came crashing down. He had survived, but he was the only mortal with a group of gravely injured vampires who were consumed by blood lust. It was up to newly turned Quinn Peters to help him evade the immortals who were no longer in control of themselves.

Quinn hadn’t wanted to become a monster, but she had. For the past few years, she had existed, but not really wanting to embrace her new life. She may not have spent any time fine tuning her new abilities, but she was the only chance Jet had of surviving the others.

As they traverse the wilderness trying to elude their pursuers, Quinn learns another immortal lesson. It was very possible that Jet was her life mate. Quinn might finally be willing to try to accept the life she now was living, but she still had a good amount of healing and growth to go until she would be ready for a life mate. She just had to keep reminding herself of that.

Mile High With a Vampire was a fast paced thrill of a read full of suspense and romance. Jet and Quinn had a bad day, starting with surviving a plane crash, which granted was good, but then stranded with no blood and being chased by mindless vampires. It was fascinating to see how they worked together to try to thwart their pursuers and give themselves the extra time they needed until help could arrive. There were things in Quinn's history which hadn't been pleasant, and contributed to her hesitancy in wanting a life mate. Jet was the perfect hero for her, unwilling to just push his wishes upon her. Willing to work with her how she needed. Full of familiar characters, Mile High With a Vampire was another winner in this series.

Kathy Andrico -


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