A Quick Bite

Argeneau Series - Book 1

By Lynsay Sands

Avon Books - November 2005

Vampire Romance

It was Lissianna Argeneau's birthday, and it was to be a fun evening with family. There was one little problem, she needed to feed, but luckily her mother had provided the perfect gift. There was a man tied to her bed, and he was scrumptious to look at, and she was certain his blood would be equally delectable. She would be able to feed from him, and then erase the memory from his mind. But things didn't go as she planned.

First, her mother informed her the man wasn’t to be her dinner, but her therapist. Dr. Gregory Hewitt was an expert on phobias, and as Lissianna had a slight aversion to the sight of blood, she fainted, this was a problem since she was a vampire. Then there was the complication of their inability to control Greg's memory.

Greg couldn't explain what was happening. After all, he had climbed into a car trunk of his own free will. However, meeting the enchanting Lissianna made up for most of his misgivings. He hadn't yet been told her exact phobia, but the pleas from her cousins showed how much they cared. As he spends more time with Lissianna, and the gang, he realizes he would like to spend even more time with her. What he doesn't realizes is just how dangerous being with her can be.

A Quick Bite funnily enough is not the one that started them all. I read Single White Vampire, now Book 3, when it was originally published, as the first in the series. In it, the main character had written a vampire romance - which was actually his sister's story. This story. I loved going back and seeing the beginning of the series. I adored the interaction of Lissianna with her cousins - and their interactions with Greg. It was simply laugh out loud at times. Then there was Greg trying to rationalize his behavior in climbing into the trunk, and not trying harder to get released. Best of all was the romance between Lissianna and Greg.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com