Susan's Fourth of July Fireworks

Orchard Hill Series - Book 10

By Kara Lynn Russell

The Wild Rose Press - 2010

Inspirational Romance

Susan Schmidt didn't think of herself as a bad person, but she was competitive, and sometimes made bad choices. For instance, she had been dating Jeff Bradley, and had reacted quite badly when he left her for Angel Marcel. She may not have been emotionally engaged in the relationship, but she had been challenged, and she had acted poorly. She still couldn't face Angel. She knew she was wrong, but that wasn't enough.

She knew she could attribute her aggressive nature to her father. He had encouraged her to always do better, always improve. She had scored well in school. She had played well at sports. She always fought to succeed, sometimes, as with Angel, not in the nicest of manners. But when it came to her father, she never could stand up for herself.

Cal Wensloff had returned to Orchard Hill. She had once had a crush on Cal, and it apparently hadn't evaporated. It seemed that the sentiment was returned. Everything was looking promising until her father learned about the situation. Cal didn't have a job when he returned, and Susan's father had hired him. He didn't think that Cal was good enough for Susan, and threatened to fire him unless she stopped seeing him.

Susan believed in honoring her father, a single father who had sacrificed so much for her, but she also wanted to fight for the chance to make her own decisions. She would have to grow, find the strength from her faith, and finally make peace with her past, present and possible future.

Susan's Fourth of July Fireworks was a sweet romance of a woman growing up, finding forgiveness, and love. Some people might not understand why Susan held back so long with her father, but she loved him, and knew that he did everything out of love for her. Readers will cheer as this former villain shows a vulnerable side and matures into a heroine worthy of her own hero. I am thrilled that Kara Lynn Russell has returned to Orchard Hill, and I hope she does again soon.

Kathy Andrico -