Losing Patience

Orchard Hill Series - Book 8

By Kara Lynn Russell

The Wild Rose Press - 2008

Inspirational Romance

Shaun and Patience Thiesen had been high school sweethearts. They had married young, and were very much in love. They were still in love, but Shaun's inability to control his anger had troubled Patience, and she left for some space. She didn't expect to be gone long, and there was something important she hadn't told Shaun. Now, she was returning, if only for a little while.

Shaun's life was spiraling out of control. His father had disowned him. He had learned that his mother had lied to him for years. She had cheated on her husband, and was now living with another man. Now his own wife had left him. Luckily, his boss, Joseph had passed him over to Pastor Isaac. It was with Isaac that Shaun had become Christian, learned to control his anger, and tried to find a way to forgive. He was gradually taking back control of his life, but it wasn't complete if he had lost Patience.

Losing Patience was a touching reunion story of faith, forgiveness, and peace. Shaun's father had not been a good influence, and he'd never learned to control strong emotions. Luckily, when he feels he has lost everything, he is given another chance. Through the guidance of his two good friends Joseph and Isaac, he is able to mature into the husband and son he always promised to be.

This is the eighth story of the Orchard Hill series where Pansy Parker and Misty Green are in a year long competition to see who is the better matchmaker.

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