Accepting Charity

Orchard Hill Series - Book 6

By Kara Lynn Russell

The Wild Rose Press - 2008

Inspirational Romance

David Daniels needed help. He had become guardian of his niece Charity after his sister's death. Taking care of a child is a challenge for anyone, but he had additional complications. As an independent consultant, he was away for several days at a time. Charity also needed therapy due to a speech impediment, in addition to emotional support over losing her mother. David turned to the first person he met.

Sarah Rogers had a tendency to help others. Charity was a student of hers, and she was more than willing to help David since it would ultimately help Charity. When Charity's aunt, came forward wanting custody, everything spiraled out of control. Although Sarah had no choice in the matter, she did not want that woman to have custody, and suddenly, Sarah and David found themselves in an engagement charade.

It wouldn't have been so bad if they could have kept it secret from the town. Just tell the courts the lie, then have David "break" the engagement later. As a resident of Orchard Hill, Sarah should have known better. Sarah found herself surrounded by her recently engaged friends planning a fake wedding. Unfortunately, the feelings that David were making her feel were all too real.

Accepting Charity was a romance of acceptance. David had to accept his guardianship of Charity. Sarah also had to accept herself as the wonderful, beautiful person that David saw her as. Although wrapped in lies, this romance was truly beautiful.

This is the sixth story of the Orchard Hill series where Pansy Parker and Misty Green are in a year long competition to see who is the better matchmaker.

Kathy Andrico -