Kiss and Kill Cupid

Short Story in Bitten By Cupid Anthology

By Jaime Rush

Avon Books - January 2010

Paranormal Romance

A serial killer had been threatening the city. One victim, each Valentine's Day, for the past five years. Valentine's Day was fast approaching, and Kristy Morgan knew that she was the next intended target. How? She had heard his thoughts.

Kristy had been meeting the owners of a magazine she was hoping to write for. In addition to the natural nerves of an interview, she had to deal with what she considered her curse, her ability to hear the random thoughts of people near her. What she heard in that coffee shop was terrifying. The police wouldn't believe her. Nobody would. She would have to rely on her own instincts, and those instincts told her that while Adrian Kruger was someone she could trust, and rely on to keep her safe, his best friend and business partner might be the killer. But Adrian wouldn't listen to her suspicions. He trusted his friend. Kristy knew she would have to use any resource she could to stay safe, and expose the killer.

Kiss and Kill Cupid was a romance of two people coming together to find a killer, and discover love. Kristy had dealt with her ability for years, but finding Adrian was a life saver. Not only did he believe that she was in danger, but he had his own ability. But he also believed in his friend, and Kristy did not have that faith. I enjoyed the overall storyline and concept, but found the suspense a bit predicable.

Kiss and Kill Cupid is a short story in the Bitten By Cupid anthology. Also included are Vampire Valentine by Lynsay Sands and Hearts Untamed by Pamela Palmer.

Kathy Andrico -


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