The Forbidden Brother

McNeill Magnates Series - Book 7

Harlequin Desire #2600

By Joanne Rock

July 2018

Contemporary Romance

The Forbidden Brother is the seventh book in Joanne Rock's McNeill Magnates series and there are storylines that obviously are ongoing, and do not finish. However, for the most part, it does stand on its own.

Jillian Ross had beaten cancer. Now she had placed her careful life behind her and lived for adventure. Anything she had considered doing, but hadn't in the past, she now did. That included quitting her old job. She now worked scouting out locations for movies to film, and she had found the perfect location for her newest assignment. Only the owner, Cody McNeill, had no intention of allowing a film crew on his land.

Jillian was nothing if not persistent, so she intended to seek out Cody's brother. There was an instant attraction, and Jillian once again chooses to live her life without caution. Only to discover afterwards that the two men were twins, and she had been with Cody. And regardless of her belief that she couldn't get pregnant due to her treatments, she now was. Now, she had to decide if she could live her life sheltered with a man who she was coming to love, or to leave Cody behind and continue on.

The Forbidden Brother brings together a woman who craves excitement and lives for the moment and a man more reclusive and content to work on his ranch and be near his family. Cody has obvious reservations about having outsiders on his property, primarily safety concerns, so Jillian decides to simply bypass him and reaches out to others of his family. Luckily, Cody has a giant heart, and is considerate of both Jillian's dreams and of his family's opinions. The question is whether when Jillian is offered his heart, if she can accept his love and possibly the restrictions a shared life can impose on her adventures.

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