Last Chance Christmas

By Joanne Rock

Tule Publishing - November 2015

Contemporary Romance

It was amazing what an accident, some pain medications, losing one's job, and talk radio could convince someone to do. At least those were the reasons Shea Walker listed as she found herself on crutches outside her parent's home when she arrived for the holidays. Unannounced. Maybe subletting her apartment and planning to spend Christmas with her parents without seeing if they already had plans hadn't been her smartest move, but she'd allowed a rift to develop and too many years to pass.

Thankfully, someone was around when she realized they'd changed the locks - without giving her a new key. Shea wasn't quite as thankful when she realized who it was. J C Royce. Another broken relationship. When Shea learned that her parents weren't just out for the evening, but had actually finally taken the Hawaiian vacation they'd always talked about, Shea knew that maybe this was the relationship she could mend. Maybe not forever, but heal the hurts of the past and maybe, finally, move on.

J C had never forgotten Shea. He had known that to pursue his hockey career he needed to allow her to spread her own wings. And in doing so, he'd shattered both of their dreams. But now, they were both older. Established with their own careers - his almost to its end. And maybe, he'd use this opportunity to have Shea at his home for the holidays.

Last Chance Christmas proves that sometimes giving a relationship one last chance can lead to happily ever after. Shea might have gone into this arrangement with J C just as an opportunity to put the past away, but her heart has other ideas. J C was her childhood crush, and she wouldn't deny checking him out on the television when given a chance, but J C also represented what she had run from. Hockey. She'd seen the toll the sport had taken on her father, uncle, and their family. As Shea spent time in J C's home, and in his company, I loved seeing how she also remembered how much she loved the sport. Loved J C. And how she started wanting not to just mend broken pasts, but heal them for the future.

Kathy Andrico -


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