Secret Baby Scandal

Bayou Billionaires Series - Book 4

Harlequin Desire #2436

By Joanne Rock

May 2016

Contemporary Romance

Secret Baby Scandal is the fourth book in a series written by both Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock. The Bayou Billionaires series involves four brothers, so it would be recommended to read in order. The complete series is His Pregnant Princess Bride by Ms. Mann, His Secretary's Surprise Fiance by Ms. Rock, Reunited with the Rebel Billionaire by Ms. Mann and Secret Baby Scandal by Ms. Rock.

Tatiana Doucet had a secret, and she had decided it was finally time to come forward and reveal that she had had a baby. She had not told anyone she was pregnant, not her family, and not the father. Unfortunately, it had to be nerves that had made her make a indiscriminate remark to a reporter regarding the team her father coached. The team whose quarterback was the father of her baby, Cesar.

Jean-Pierre Reynaud had wanted Tatiana for years, but a rift in the families when they were younger had kept them apart. As adults, they had finally had one night together, but that had had a bitter ending. Regardless, when reporters asked his opinion regarding Tatiana's comment, there was nothing he wouldn't do to protect her, so he had made light of the comment. Oh, and he had added that Tatiana would be joining him for his brother's wedding.

They notify their families of the baby, but choose to wait to notify the world. They use the time of their pretend private time to actually have some private time together. Jean-Pierre has a chance to get to know Cesar, and try once again to woo Tatiana. Unfortunately, the issues that kept them apart once before threaten this new relationship once again.

Secret Baby Scandal brings romance to the last Reynaud brother. Tatiana and Jean-Pierre have had a long tumultuous relationship. I enjoyed watching Jean-Pierre's courtship of Tatiana, seeing how dedicated they both were to Cesar. I did have a difficult time to accept Tatiana hiding her pregnancy. I really couldn't find it to be very logical, particularly considering that she lives a public life. Overall, I truly enjoyed reading this series by both Ms Mann and Ms Rock, and hope, as well as suspect, that they will do this again in the future.

Kathy Andrico -


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