A Chance This Christmas

Road to Romance Series - Book 3

By Joanne Rock

Tule Publishing - October 2017

Contemporary Romance

When Rachel Chambers' life had crashed around her, she had left Yuletide and not returned. Her mother even had to come visit her. Then she had made a pact with some friends which had sent her back to try and heal some rifts. The man the townsfolk thought she had jilted spectacularly was marrying an old friend, and Kiersten wanted her at the wedding. She had agreed, and from the first moment she steps into her home, she is verbally attacked by her mother's guest.

The only highlight was the chance to spend some time with Gavin Blake. Years earlier, they'd had only moments to briefly acknowledge the attraction between them when the reality of events intruded. Rachel's father was accused of stealing from the town, and he was on the run. Rachel had been publically proposed to by her ex-boyfriend, whom the town thought was still her current boyfriend, then found kissing Gavin. It had been too much then, and it was almost too much now.

Gavin had made choices in his career in snowboarding. He took breaks, and his friend's wedding was one of them. Seeing Rachel was an unexpected highlight and he planned to take advantage of this opportunity. He wanted Rachel to feel comfortable in her hometown, and not just for selfish reasons. She deserved it, as did her mother. They were not at fault for the man's actions. As he spends time with Rachel, he witnesses the hostility aimed at her, a victim even more than the town had been, and he begins to wonder if Yuletide has lost the true meaning of Christmas, and if the chance he and Rachel had is gone forever.

A Chance This Christmas is a fun reunion holiday romance. Rachel has developed an allergy to her home, and from the moment she enters her childhood home, it is obvious to see why. Fans of Christmas romances will enjoy all the holiday themed touches Joanne Rock adds to Yuletide. Gavin was an amazing hero standing up for Rachel and determined to keep her on course to find resolution. Although this is the third in a series, it completely stands on its own.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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