Original Zin

Short Story in Double The Heat Anthology

By Christie Ridgway

Berkley Sensation - December 2009

Contemporary Romance

It's difficult to continue over-working in the family business when both your family and doctor, who also happens to be a friend, tell you to take time off. With a recent illness, John Henry Hudson was supposed to be enjoying a vacation. Regardless of his sister's nagging, he couldn't quite stay away from work, until he met Zin Friday. She enchanted him, and he quickly saw the benefits of taking some time for himself.

Although she loved her parents, Zin Friday tried very hard to prove that she wasn't like them. She often had to cover their debts, and their quirkiness had given their family the dreaded nickname the Flaky Fridays. She needed to prove that she could succeed. She needed a career, and not work several part-time jobs. She didn't need love.

From the moment he met Zin, John Henry was intrigued. Zin might try to stay away, but John Henry was a successful businessman because he went after what he wanted. And he wanted Zin.

Original Zin was an enjoyable story about a woman trying hard to succeed, and almost missing life's most important lesson. Love. John Henry was a wonderful hero for a woman trying so hard to prove she was more than "flaky". He sees her for the exceptional individual that she is.

Original Zin is a short story in the Double the Heat anthology. Also included are Hart and Soul by Lori Foster, Breaking the Ice by Deirdre Martin, and Double Booked by Elizabeth Bevarly.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com


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