Fortune's Wish

A Lady's Wish Series - Book 4

By Eileen Richards

May 2019

Historical Romance

Sir John Townsend was on a mission. He was intent to win a woman. Victoria Penwith was the only female he had met that intrigued him enough that he could foresee a quite appealing future. The fact that she shared his love for horses and horse racing just made the match even more ideal. While at times Victoria seemed to reciprocate his interest, other times she left him floundering. Which was why he found himself attempting to mount the famed Fairy Steps. His sisters swore that the Fairy Steps had made their wishes come true, and he hoped that perhaps a bit of magic would help him woo Victoria and make her his bride.

Victoria loved working with the horses. She had spent years in the stables, and now a winning racing horse had been bred. She realized their horses weren't all that caliber, and she was happy with those in the stable, but her father was obsessed with joining the Jockey Club. She was beginning to see how his desires and wishes had kept her from pursuing so many opportunities afforded young ladies her age. Although she had had suitors, they had abandoned her. She was slow to trust, and oh how she wanted to believe that Sir John truly returned her regard.

Fortune's Wish was a surprise, but delightful addition to this series. We had seen John's three sisters each make wishes and find their loves, but Sir John had not been hero quality. But he had made amends, changed and now was determined to live up to his new standards. And that included finding a wife and settling into his duties, but he didn't see marriage as a duty. He wanted a marriage like his sisters had, and only one woman met that standard. I loved watching as John traversed the tricky path of romance to the woman he loved.

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