A Most Inconvenient Wish

A Lady's Wish Series - Book 3

By Eileen Richards

Lyrical Press - July 2016

Historical Romance

Sophia Townsend knew there were marriages based on love. She had witnessed it with her own sisters, and was happy for them. But that was not for her. Sophia had always known her worth was in her looks and only aspired to find a match that would improve her status in society. She loved London. The parties, society, shopping, everything that a sheep farmer could never give her.

Finally, a gentleman, Lord Bateman, who was the perfect match, was coming to visit. Sophia, as well as all Society, expected a proposal of marriage. Sophia however was't leaving anything to chance, so she had decided to visit the Fairy Steps. They had allegedly aided in her sisters' happy marriages, and they could only help her.

Until Ian McDonald came along and ruined her wish.

Ian was well aware that Sophia didn't consider him husband material, but that never had stopped his fascination with her. Ian knew she was hoping for marriage to another, but he was determined to take one last chance to prove that he was the man she should marry. When Bateman, and other unexpected guests arrived, it soon became apparent not all was as it seemed. And when danger appeared to threaten Sophia, Ian was determined to keep her safe, with him, for life.

A Most Inconvenient Wish was the perfect romance for the final Townsend sister. And perfection has always been key to Sophia. Perfect in society. Perfect in presentation. And most important, finding the perfect husband who could give her what she thinks is the perfect life. Sophia might seem vain and self-centered, and to a point she is, but she had already proven herself loyal and dedicated to her sisters. The hope had been that she would be the perfect heroine for Ian, and that his wait would not be in vain. It doesn't take long for Sophia to find out she made a mistake with Bateman, but she does have a stubborn streak and valid belief that she could not be happy in the wilds of Scotland. It was entertaining to see Ian break down her walls and prove that happiness would be found only with his love.

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