An Honorable Wish

A Lady's Wish Series - Book 2

By Eileen Richards

Lyrical Press - November 2015

Historical Romance

Juliet Townsend had long gotten over her infatuation with Tony, or at least she tried to convince herself of that. His attentions were always a highlight, but his love for the gaming rooms were too great. Juliet could never form an attachment with anyone like that. But Tony seemed to have changed. He was interested in helping her assist a family in need, and he appeared to be concerned about some possible local misdoings. She only hoped that this apparent change in behavior was not just wishful dreams on her part, but that Tony had truly changed.

Tony Matthews couldn't believe he had reached such low depths. He'd never intended to do to another what had been done to their family, but he had won another man's estate. And another man had now lost his livelihood, to him.

He didn't want this. He didn't want to push someone out of their home. And as luck would have it, a home that was next door to his brother Nathaniel's estate. Nathaniel would never forgive him for this latest exploit, and he had nobody to blame but himself. He had wanted to stop living the lie that had become his life, settle down, find a home, and maybe a wife. And the one woman who intrigued him most was sister to Nathaniel's wife, and another individual who would never forgive him. But he couldn't tell them the truth, at least until the truth was something he could be proud of.

An Honorable Wish was an entertaining romance with a dash of intrigue, a touch of whimsy, and a hint of daring. The intrigue involves a possible crime, the whimsy is the local rumors revolving the Fairy Steps, and the daring involves a particular book that Juliet discovers. And Tony is more than willing to help her understand. Which also revealed an unexpected secret Tony had been keeping. I was truly happy to see Tony finally grow up and become a hero, and Juliet was smart in waiting just for him. I look forward to the last Townsend sister's story and seeing if she can prove to be a perfect heroine - she may think she is, but we'll see.

Kathy Andrico -


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