An Offer From A Gentleman

The Bridgertons Series - Book 3

By Julia Quinn

Avon - July 2001

Regency Romance

Sophie Beckett was living the life of Cinderella - before the Happily Ever After. She had grown up as the ward of an earl, but after he died, the "wicked stepmother" turned her into a servant. But she had had one night at a ball. One night where she had felt that she was a princess - and had met her prince.

It was two years later, and Benedict Bridgerton was bored. He had agreed to attend this party because he was bored - and now he was bored at the party. He had decided to leave and return to London when he discovered a young lady being attacked by some men. Although she was a servant, that made no difference. She was a female who was obviously in distress, and the idea that perhaps one day one of his sisters would need help wrenched at his gut.

After rescuing Sophie, Benedict knew he couldn't let her go. He had been searching for that mysterious woman he had met at his mother's ball in every crowd, at every party for two years. But, now, here was the first woman to intrigue him since that night two years earlier, and he wasn't about to let this one disappear.

This is Julia Quinn's third installment of the Bridgertons. I anxiously await the next Bridgerton story. There is a clue at the end of the book as to whose story is next (Readers, don't cheat and read the end!) and I'm Ready to Read!!!

Kathy Andrico -