Mr. Cavendish, I Presume

Two Dukes of Wyndham - Book 2

By Julia Quinn

Avon - October 2008

Regency Set Historical Romance

It had not been expected. He had been the son of a third son, but still, Thomas Cavendish had become the Duke of Wyndham. Being Wyndham identified Thomas. It defined the essence of his being. His decisions, his actions, everything was about Wyndham. This included his long standing engagement to Miss Amelia Willoughby.

Amelia was fed up with her fiance. They had been affianced since childhood, but she wondered if he would ever decide to go ahead and marry her. He never ignored her, but she could predict his exact actions whenever they met. She in turn would react the same, until she finally was fed up with him.

Thomas didn't know what to make of Amelia. Her show of spirit, sense of humor, and general caring nature were all facets to her personality that he hadn't been aware of. However, regardless of how alluring he found her to be, Thomas had a bigger problem. A highwayman was now possibly the Duke of Wyndham, and that left Thomas wondering who, and exactly what, that made him.

One thing for certain, that would make him not be Amelia's fiance.

I eagerly anticipated Mr. Cavendish, I Presume since the moment I finished The Lost Duke of Wyndham, and I was not in the least disappointed. These two books were exceptional. First in depth of storyline - after all, they both are essentially the same story, but from two different points of view. Second, what a unique concept. I adored the characters, and was thrilled to finally see closure and happiness for Thomas.

I do hope that Ms Quinn does some of her magic in the future. First, there is a little teaser in the epilogue that will thrill fans. Second, I would love to see some of Amelia's sisters have stories of their own in later books.

Kathy Andrico -