Alien Attachments Series

Short Story in Embrace the Romance:

Pets in Space 2 Anthology

By Sabine Priestley

October 2017

Science Fiction Romance

Marco Dar had tinkered with his com unit, and now it had advanced exponentially. It wanted a name, they settled on Ru, had a personality, and even attempted humor. Now Ru wanted to evolve further, and wanted a body. An owl to be precise. Not something in Marco's abilities, but when they land on spaceport, he crosses paths with a woman from his past. One who'd intrigued him enough to possibly consider a commitment, so he had left her in his past.

Zara Mancini's work with cybernetics made her the best person to help Marco give Ru a body. He might want to avoid Zara, but Ru deserved more. As they spend time together, Marco realizes exactly what a mistake he had made so many years ago with Zara. Now, he had to prove to her that she could trust him with their future.

Sensate was an enjoyable reunion romance with a hero who has the most fascinating "pet". Ru steals the story with sly comments and attempts of humor. Although short, there was still an appropriate growth to their relationship which I appreciated. There was one short scene I suspect links to another story in her series, but otherwise it stood on its own.

Kathy Andrico -