Time's Holiday

Short Story in Home For the Holidays Anthology

By Jennette Marie Powell


Time Travel Fiction

Chad Everly had seen the girl covered in blood. He hadn't wanted to do it, but when he tried to help her, touched her, he'd passed on his time travel ability.

Taylor Gressman wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't lived it. She had travelled through time, and now was at the mercy of a gang. If only she could figure out a way to return home.

Time's Holiday is a short story of a woman who is given the gift, or curse, of time travel. Depends on one's point of view, but when she arrives in the past with nobody to help her, Taylor has to take matters into her own hand. Taylor is only seventeen, not sure how old Chad is, so honestly uncertain if this is supposed to be a romance between them or not - maybe that is something that happens in a later book. Also, we are told there is a Saturn Society, but there isn't much development of either. I would have preferred to see Taylor in the past with Chad, if he is indeed a future romantic interest, and maybe some interaction with other members of the Saturn Society.

Home For the Holidays is a short anthology with nine stories that is a mere 125 pages. We are introduced to six new authors, some of whom I hope to see in print again soon. This anthology includes: Christmas at Coventry Arcade by Becke Martin, The Holly and the Ivey by Sandy Pennington, Speaking the Language by Ann Gregory, Triple Trouble on Christmas Eve by Becke Martin, Merry and Bight by Ann Gregory, Silver and Gold by Becke Martin, The Last Christmas Visit by Stacy McKitrick, Time's Holiday by Jennette Marie Powell, and No More Resolutions by Dakota James

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