Seduced By A Spy

Merlin's Maidens - Book 2

By Andrea Pickens

Grand Central Publishing - March 2008

Historical Romance

As opposed to the training ladies would receive at other academies, students of Mrs. Merlin's Academy for Select Young Ladies were trained in the art of war. They could fight, ride, mingle in society, and apply just the right amount of flirting to seduce key information. With no personal history she could remember, and a name she had adopted once she had arrived at the school, Shannon had made it to the Master Class. However, Shannon now feared that she may be dismissed due to her impetuous behavior. She was very relieved to learn that she would be given a second chance, and her own assignment.

Determined to prove herself, Shannon was quite upset to run into the same thief she had met before. Learning that Alexandr Orlov was actually a Russian spy didn't help matters, especially when she learned that the two of them would be working together to protect two children from a French assassin. She knew that it would take all her resolve not to react to his charm, and sly comments; nor could she approach this mission as a challenge as to which of them was better. The lives of many depended on them working together.

I was absolutely riveted by Seduced by a Spy from the very first page. There is action, suspense, intrigue, and romance. I adored the hero and heroine, and watching them move from adversaries to forging a lifelong alliance was thrilling. Alexandr was the epitome of what a hero for a Merlin's Maiden should be, willing to recognize and accept Shannon as his equal.

The premise of the Merlin's Maidens simply captivated me. It took only a few pages of learning about them and that this was actually the second book that I knew that I wanted to go back and read the first story, The Spy Wore Silk. I want to learn more about Shannon's history with the thief, learn more about her friends, and simply enjoy another Maiden story. Seduced by a Spy completely stood on its own, but I still want more.

Kathy Andrico -