Codename Charming

Palace Insiders Series - Book 2

By Lucy Parker

Avon - August 2023

Contemporary Romance

Things were going well for Petunia DeVere. She had recently reconnected with her brother Dominic, and was now very close to him and his new wife Sylvie. She also really enjoyed her work as personal assistant to Johnny Marchmont, the newest member of the royal family. He was as sweet and naive as could be, which were dangerous attributes when combined with clumsiness and the paparazzi who always wanted to bring down, well, anyone.

Which was how Pet found herself in her current predicament. The newest rumor was that Johnny was stepping out on Princess Rose with Pet. It was an absolutely ludicrous story. Johnny and Rose were devoted to one another, but truth didn't matter in the tabloids. So Codename Charming was implemented. Pet would need to show the world she was in a relationship with someone else. That someone else being Matthias Vaughn. Johnny's quiet, somber, seems to have no interest in Pet, hunky, hulking bodyguard.

Matthias knew they were acting for the public, but had always been fascinated by the brilliant personality that was Pet. She adeptly handled Johnny, calming him and preparing him for the spotlight he now lived in. Spending their time off together was simple enjoyment. The only problem would be when he was forced to end the fake facade.

Codename Charming was another romance that entertained from beginning to end. Both have an unspoken attraction to one another, and it was pure enjoyment to see them realize just how unfake this assignment was. It had been awhile since the first Palace Insiders story was released, but although there are visits from previous characters, this story does stand on its own. Although I highly recommend also reading Battle Royal

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