Battle Royal

Palace Insiders Series - Book 1

By Lucy Parker

Avon - August 2021

Contemporary Romance

Sylvie Fairchild hadn't won the reality cooking show she had been on, but she had been able to use the experience to launch her dream, Sugar Fair. It was everything fun, exciting, enchanting, and of course, delicious, that she and her workers dreamed of. In short, it was everything opposite of Dominic De Vere, one of the Operation Cake judges. But his opinion had no bearing now, especially when she returned to the show as a fellow judge.

Dominic might not want to be on the reality show, but the income and exposure was significant. Then there were the contestants, in particular former contestant Sylvie, whose final cake had landed on his face. On television. She might be unicorns, dragons, confetti and everything he was not, but that didn't keep his thoughts from always turning to her.

She was the competition, in judging, in business, and in the possibility of making the cake for a rumored royal wedding. But this was no ordinary request, and as their paths cross time and again, they realize that perhaps they are more alike, than not.

Battle Royal was an entertaining introduction to Lucy Parker's new Palace Insiders series. I loved the bakeries and how well they reflected their owners. It was fun to see them investigate and work out the challenge presented to them, but even better was watching them find each other. There was a fascinating cast of characters, and I look forward to see where this series goes next.

Kathy Andrico -


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