London Celebrities - Book 5

By Lucy Parker

Carina Press - Feb 2020

Contemporary Romance

Sabrina Carlton and Nick Davenport had a working rivalry that had worked quite well. They were on competing programs, and the ratings had benefitted. Then Nick had reported on the discovery that a Carlton legacy had been a scam, and their feud had moved to a new level.

Sabrina's career was still reeling from the impact of that announcement. When Nick's lapse in judgement in venting his opinion of his boss is caught on tape, the two find themselves in a meeting that could end both of their careers. Or save them. They were to host the morning show. The good news was that if they could succeed in bringing up the ratings by Christmas, their careers would continue. The bad news was that they had to play nice.

As they work together, they begin to see qualities they had missed. And although they always dismissed rumors of a romantic interest, they begin to realize that perhaps others had seen what they had been too blind to see themselves. Unfortunately, they had to focus on saving both of their careers, and someone seemed to be intentionally disrupting the show and they needed to work together to find out who.

Headliners was a story I’d been wanting to read since meeting Sabrina and Nick. The tension between the two had scorched in The Austen Playbook and I knew Lucy Parker would do justice to bringing these two strong personalities together. I enjoyed watching as they slowly revealed their true selves to one another, and began sharing in each others' lives. Headliners, is the fifth story in Lucy Parker's London Celebrities series, and although there are some spoilers for The Austen Playbook, it can be considered standalone.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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