Making Up

London Celebrities - Book 3

By Lucy Parker

Carina Press - May 2018

Contemporary Romance

Trix Lane would never want the starring role due to an accident befalling a fellow cast member (or anyone for that matter). But Trix actually didn't even want the part. She was no longer the daredevil always looking to soar to new heights. Now, she still soared in her acrobatic performance, but it was safe. Secure. The thought of this new act brought a panic attack that she would never have had before her confidence had been shaken. Even worse than taking over a role she feared may be beyond her abilities was knowing that the new makeup artist was her old nemesis Leo Magasiva.

The sparks always flew when Leo and Trix were together, but Leo could see a difference in Trix. Now, she still tangled words with him, but he could see insecurities, fear, and caution. They might never have been friends, but Leo didn't like what he was seeing with Trix and intended for Trix to return to being the bright confident woman he knew she was. And maybe along the way, they'd find a way of making up.

Making Up is the third story in Lucy Parker's London Celebrities series. Trix and Leo have a long history of arguments, but they were both good people with solid friendships, and slowly losing the battle of keeping their disagreements going. But it isn't just a matter of them resolving the issues they have with one another, there are other obstacles being thrown in their way. Making Up does stand on its own, but I highly recommend the other stories, and hope there will be more.

Kathy Andrico -


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