Pretty Face

London Celebrities - Book 2

By Lucy Parker

Carina Press - February 2017

Contemporary Romance

Lily Lamprey had originally been happy to get an acting role. Now, she was tired of the character she was portraying. She was a better performer than they were writing for her. With the chance to be in a Luc Savage theater production on the West End, Lily jumped at the opportunity. She wouldn't let anything, including her past role or Luc Savage himself, keep her from this.

She would prove that she was more than just a pretty face.

Luc had no intention of offering Lily a role, but once he overlooked her voice, which was quite difficult, he realized that she actually did have talent. Deciding to cast her in a role was easy, trying to keep his hands off Lily soon became an impossibility. Regardless how many reasons they shouldn't be together, their age difference, employer-employee consideration, tabloid issues that wouldn't go away, Luc and Lily soon realized that there was much more between them than just a mutual attraction.

Unfortunately, that often just isn't enough.

Pretty Face was a delightful follow-up to Lucy Parker's Act Like It. Once again, readers return to the London theater to see a different production under way, and it was just as entertaining. I loved Luc and Lily, and found their romance touching. I really enjoyed Act Like It, and never expected it, but loved Pretty Face even more. I look forward to the next London Celebrities story.

Kathy Andrico -