Act Like It

London Celebrities - Book 1

By Lucy Parker

Carina Press - December 2015

Contemporary Romance

Richard Troy may be a leading actor on stage, but his behind the scenes antics were getting out of hand. His temper, his attitude, and basically his very bearing was cause for concern by those responsible for the success of their play. That was how Lainie Graham found herself surrounded by those people who held her career in their hands. She couldn't stand the man, but they believed her squeaky clean image could only improve Richard's image, and their bottom line.

She didn't have to actually like Richard Troy. She only had to act like it.

Richard didn't have time for petty nuisances, but he knew when to fight a battle, and when to accept direction. He agreed to be seen in public with Lainie. How the paparazzi and public viewed their interactions, nobody had any control over. As anyone in their profession knew, a simple glance could be misrepresented into almost anything with the vivid imaginations of the press. He didn't have to care for Lainie, but the more time he spent with her, he realized that he had underestimated her. She was a vibrant, fascinating woman, and being with her was no longer simply a role he was being forced to play.

Act Like It was an entertaining glimpse into the London theater. I enjoyed the time with the actors and the stage, but watching Lainie break through Richard's armor was an absolute delight. This was one story that kept my interest from cover to cover. I definitely want to revisit this series and look forward to more stories. I'm only unsure if the paparazzi would actually hound stage actors to the degree depicted in the story, but it did enhance the story.

Kathy Andrico -