Dragons & Dirigibles

The Gaslight Chronicles Series - Book 7

By Cindy Spencer Pape

Carina Press - May 2014

Steampunk Romance

Victor Arrington had never planned to be the Earl, but an unfortunate accident left him the Earl of Blackwell, and also to raise his orphaned niece. He would succeed at this as he had at sea. Of course that was once he had stopped the smugglers. Then he had a suspect fall right out of the skies onto his property.

Melody McKay knew her airship design was sound, but there was no denying the explosion. She intended on discovering what had caused the failure, but she also knew that she could help at the manor. Regardless what the former Captain thought. She was fully capable of helping, and her friends and family all had special abilities that were invaluable.

Victor was hesitant to have Melody influence his young niece. She was impressionable and becoming too attached to the radical woman. As the two of them work together to thwart their enemies, they realize that maybe they aren't as different as they seem.

Dragons & Dirigibles was another fun adventure-filled romance in the The Gaslight Chronicles. There are dreams with dragons, a mechanical crab, and smugglers. This short story is brimming with suspense, passion, friendship and love. Raised in the Order, Melody is very independent, too independent for Victor. At least that is what they both think, until love proves that they both, yes even Melody, need to bend a little for happiness. Ms Pape has also taunted readers with another couple that we have been eager to see find their happily-ever-after - but is it too late for them? Only, hopefully, the next story will tell. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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