Ashes & Alchemy

The Gaslight Chronicles Series - Book 6

By Cindy Spencer Pape

Carina Press - January 2014

Steampunk Romance

Minerva Shaw was desperate. Her daughter was ill and she needed a doctor's help, but none had been willing. Finally, someone suggested Dr. Grant - saying that he was a kind and generous man. She didn't have the strength to bring Ivy to him, and prayed that he would be willing to go to Ivy, and accept credit.

Police Inspector Sebastian Brown never anticipated opening his door would change his life so drastically. A medical emergency kept Dr. Grant from going to Ivy, so he was willing to retrieve the sick child. It should have been a quick trip, but when they arrived at Minnie's home, they found it had been broken into, and there had been a murder. Seb would ensure an investigation ensued, but his first priority was the safety of little Ivy and her mother.

Luckily his home proved the most secure place to keep them. Soon, he wanted them to stay forever.

Ashes & Alchemy was another fascinating glimpse into Cindy Spencer Pape's world of The Gaslight Chronicles. This time, it was slightly darker in that children have been dying. It is up to Seb and the extensive family members of the Order to find out who has been playing with the lives of these children. Ms Pape always provides a vast cast of unique and enjoyable characters, and it is always a pleasure to revisit them. I look forward to the next story in this series.

Kathy Andrico -


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