Crazy For The Cowboy

Love at the Crazy H Series - Book 2

By Cindy Spencer Pape

The Wild Rose Press - February 2007

Western Contemporary Romance

Sheriff Fitz Hall wants absolutely nothing to do with city girls - especially the one he woke up in bed with. Well, maybe that was a bit untrue. Rhiannon Jakobowski seemed a nice enough woman, and she was the relation of a friend who had just died. Ree said she wanted to settle in Shirley, she was here to stay, but Fitz knew better.

Ree had finally found home. She couldn't say that her life had been miserable, but her grandmother had never made it easy. With her inheritance, she had a means of supporting herself, and the opportunity to live her life as she wanted. In a few days, she had an apartment, she had a bookstore, and she was possibly carrying a stranger's baby

Conscious that Ree is a city girl, Fitz is darn certain that she will leave as soon as she is tired of the small town, but he is equally determined that she won't take any child of his that she might be carrying. His brother had almost never known about his own son, and Fitz wasn't going to take any chances.

Crazy For the Cowboy was a fun romance guaranteed to keep readers eager for the last book in the Love at the Crazy H series. Fitz and Ree might have had an unorthodox introduction, but that only adds to their chemistry. Fitz had been introduced in The Cowboy's Christmas Bride, and his caustic remarks were certain to cover a hurt filled past. Ree was the perfect woman to change his opinion of city girls, and heal his heart with love.

Kathy Andrico -


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