The Cowboys Christmas Bride

Love at the Crazy H Series - Book 1

By Cindy Spencer Pape

The Wild Rose Press - November 2006

Western Contemporary Romance

She may not have expected a traditional Happily Ever After, but Allison Kendricks had never anticipated being a runaway bride. Especially during a blizzard. It was only with some help that she was even able to find the ranch house. It would take a lot more help, and a bit of luck, to get Allison's life back in order. She had given up her home and her job with the plans of moving to live with her fiance and helping with his campaign.

CJ Hall never expected to have sympathy for the runaway bride. He'd once been the groom left standing at the altar. He had no desire for a relationship with a city girl, he was quite content on his ranch and with his extended family. But Allison quickly tore down his defenses and CJ was looking for excuses to keep her on the ranch. As the days pass, and his family descends for the holidays, CJ sees how easily Allison slipped into his life, and how perfectly she fit. He now needed a way to keep her there forever.

The Cowboy's Christmas Bride is an enticing introduction to Cindy Spencer Pape's Love at the Crazy H series. Both CJ and Allison have put up barriers to love, and it is fun watching them crumble. With engaging characters, and the promise of seeing them again in the future, readers will be thrilled knowing they will be able to return again.

Kathy Andrico -


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