Hearts Untamed

Feral Warriors Series - Book 4

Short Story in Bitten By Cupid Anthology

By Pamela Palmer

Avon Books - January 2010

Paranormal Romance

Zeeland was returning home. It had been ten years since she had seen him. Ten long years since she had offered herself to him. A decade since he had left without a word. Julianne might have been happy to see him just a few months earlier, but now, it was too dangerous. Julianne had been ordered to find a necklace. She couldn't tell anyone or they would die. She feared what would happen if she didn't find the necklace. Having Zee home was disastrous. He knew her too well. He could read her too easily. He would be in danger, and she had to protect him, just as she needed to protect everyone.

Zee had stayed away too long. Julianne had been too young when he left, but he should have returned five years earlier. When according to their kind, she had come of age. Instead, he hadn't been there, he had been far away. He was tortured by the thoughts of the others she might have turned to.

But he was here now... and she needed him. Nothing could make him leave again.

Hearts Untamed gave an enticing glimpse into Pamela Palmer's fascinating world of the Feral Warriors. It definitely had the feel of being in the middle of a series, but does stand on its own. There were some aspects to the world that weren't clear, but they weren't vital to the romance. I enjoyed watching the reunion of Julianne and Zee, and would be more than happy to return to this world again.

Hearts Untamed is a short story in the Bitten By Cupid anthology. Also included are Vampire Valentine by Lynsay Sands and Kiss and Kill Cupid by Jaime Rush.

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