A Knight's Protection

Short Story in Treasure the Knight Anthology

By Laurel O'Donnell

January 2018

Historical Romance

Lia lived a quiet life on the outskirts of their community. She had been raised by Maeve, a healer, and many distrusted them. One night during a storm, Lia found a mortally wounded Templar knight who entrusted her to protect a parchment. She promised to show it to no one.

Kade de Claremont had left his home due to an abusive father, only to return upon his mother's suspicious death. His arrival was met with unpleasantness, as could be expected, but his father was engrossed in searching for a knight. Kade had no interest in his father's pursuit until he met Lia and learned that she had helped his mother. Between learning of the message his mother had left for him, and that Lia had found a dead knight, Kade suspected that Lia might have even more answers for him.

He never expected that Lia might also be part of his future.

A Knight's Protection is an intriguing romance surrounded by mystery. Lia cannot read, but had also promised not to show the parchment to anyone. She is unsure who to trust, but also knows that knowledge of the parchment is dangerous. Kade is not only dealing with the loss of his mother and hatred of his father, but is also trying to unmask truth from lie. This was a sweet romance that I enjoyed.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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