A Scandal to Remember

Gentleman Rogues - Book 2

By Linda Needham

Avon - September 2004

Historical Romance

Andrew Chase's assignment was quite simple - keep a state secret, and protect Princess Caroline - even with his own life. All he needed to do was keep her safely hidden away until the would-be assassins were caught, and she had been crowned empress. He had served royals many times, and fully expected the pampered willfulness inherent with any princess. This giving, engaging, and yes, willful woman was more than he ever expected her to be.

Princess Caroline first encountered Drew when she had been sneaking out of a ball. She was searching the gardens for a statue she suspected was another treasure stolen from her homeland, Boratania. In addition to preparing for her upcoming coronation, Caroline was buying, cajoling and downright stealing back every item that she could confirm had been looted from her beloved home. Her country might be small, 10 square miles, but it was hers, and she was responsible for its future - in addition to recovering its past.

But when her own future is threatened, and the handsome bodyguard begins hovering around, thoughts of Boratania begin to be replaced by images of Drew. She knows her responsibilities, and whom she can, and cannot marry.

Linda Needham writes with a refreshing style that captures the reader's attention. She includes well-developed characters, an engaging storyline, and entertaining dialogue. The reader will quickly be rooting for Caroline and her pursuit for both the Boratania treasures - and Drew.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com