My Wicked Earl

By Linda Needham

Avon - August 2001

Regency Romance

Charles Stirling, Earl of Everingham, had a nemesis. His name was Captain Spindleshanks. This captain was reported to be a large man, dark hair, beard, nimble, quick and the bane of the inquiry he was leading into a massacre. Now, as he diligently worked on the report of the massacre, leaflets have been appearing around the countryside spreading seditious lies about him and his inquiry. Charles knew that his arrest warrant had a detailed description of Spindleshanks, and the woman brought before him did not fit that description.

She was his prisoner - under house arrest - in his house at that! Hollie Finch took great pride in her work. Her father had been a reporter, and he had taught her everything he knew about researching, writing, and printing for their newspaper. Now he was gone - a victim of the massacre - and she was not going to allow some corrupt government-directed puppet ignore the truth of what actually happened. She would use the access she had while staying at his home to snoop around his files and print the truth. She expected to find information to prove how corrupt and wicked the earl truly was. Instead, she discovered that he was in truth her other half.

This is a love story between two who think that there are too many obstacles between them. But regardless of what separated them, the strength of their love would bring them together. Linda remains on my list of "must read" authors for consistently providing top rate romances.

Kathy Andrico