The Bride Bed

By Linda Needham

Avon - October 2002

Medeival Romance

Carrisford Castle had been conquered numerous times over the past two years, but luckily for Lady Talia, this was the best timed attack. She had just been praying for such an event as she prepared to marry the most recent victor. But was this new man the answer to her prayers, or just another brute? He claimed to be different, and the actions of him and his men seemed to prove his claim. After all, there weren't any fires, the village was still standing, and there were no injured. As the days and weeks passed, Talia was growing fond of this man whom she had once greeted by stating she would never marry, but she now found herself changing that opinion.

Alex deMonteneau may have thought the Lady Talia would be the proper meek and demure ward appreciative of his arrival, but he was in for a surprise. First he was attacked while he was helping the priest, she questioned his every edict, and she enticed him with her fiery spirit and her family. He intended to find a proper husband for his ward, but why did the thought of anyone other than him touching her leave a sinking feeling in the middle of his stomach?

Ms Needham has a knack for drawing her readers from page 1, and not letting go even when the story ends - the readers are so captivated by the characters that they are not ready to leave them. Quick paced, and an easy read, this is the perfect book you want to just sit back and let the pages fly!

Kathy Andrico -