Silver Bella

By Lucy Monroe

Samhain Publishing - December 2012

Originaly a Short Story in Merry Christmas, Baby Anthology

Original Publication Brava - October 2004

Contemporary Romance

Bella Jackson had built herself a life as a model. She may strut the catwalk in sexy clothes, or lingerie, and had headlines of her personal life as well. Tabloid stories weren't the truth, but neither was the facade she presented. She had insecurities. She had feelings. And she was, in fact, a virgin. When her ex-boyfriend starts spreading vile rumors about her, Bella's career suddenly becomes precarious. People needed to believe she was her persona, because her persona as a confident sexual woman was what sold the product. And when she climbed to the stage, she worried what everyone was thinking about her. Those worries about everyone else evaporated under the intense masculine gaze of one man in the audience. He didn't appear to be the type who came to fashion shows, but he was suddenly at each one.

Jake Barton had only come to the fashion show to support his sister, but he quickly changed his reasons when he saw Bella. He may not know her, but he wanted her. As he gets to know her, Jake realizes that he wants more than a few weeks with her. He wants everything. But Bella's been burned before, and tabloids are more than willing to pounce on unsuspecting prey.

Silver Bella is a quick sexy read readers are sure to enjoy. Bella is the epitome of how preconceived notions can be so completely wrong. A person can show one face to the world, while hiding their true feelings. Jake is just the person to see the real woman behind the public facade. It was wonderful watching these two cautiously, yet determinedly, find their way to a future together. Originally published in 2004, Silver Bella is actually the first story in Lucy Monroe's connected contemporary books that include a few series.

Kathy Andrico -


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