A Virgin for His Prize

Ruthless Russians Series - Book 2

Harlequin Presents #3282

By Lucy Monroe

November 2014

Contemporary Romance

A Virgin for His Prize is the sequel to last month's An Heiress for His Empire. They focus on two "sisters-by-choice" who fall in love with Russian tycoons. Two ruthless businessmen who learn that love is the best prize of all.

It had been a year since Romi Grayson had said no to Maxwell Black's proposal. She couldn't have a relationship with him when he only offered one with an expiration date. She had seen him since then, still felt the pull, but she knew she couldn't agree to Maxwell's plan, it would only break her heart.

Now he was back, with a new offer. Love still wasn't in the plan, but this was a much more lucrative proposal. Romi's father was already in rehab for his alcoholism, thanks to Maxwell. There was also no defined expiration date. Instead, there was a proposal of marriage. And talk of children. Plus the promise to help Romi with her philanthropic ideas.

Romi was certain that a man so determined to make all of her dreams come true might have more feelings than he was willing to admit. The question was whether her biggest dream might just be broken in the end.

A Virgin for His Prize is a reunion story of between a heroine who always believed there was more to their relationship than an "expiration date", and a hero who has been slow to realize that maybe she was right. Maxwell has not found any woman as enticing as Romi, and he is willing to do anything to bring her back to him. It was fun watching Romi teach Maxwell this lesson in love.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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