An Heiress for His Empire

Ruthless Russians Series - Book 1

Harlequin Presents #3274

By Lucy Monroe

October 2014

Contemporary Romance

Madison Archer may not have wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and pursue a life as a tycoon, but she had learned from the best. Instead, she used her talents to follow her heart. Help others in need and sometimes going undercover as a volunteer. After all, nobody would ever expect Madcap Madison to do anything so mundane.

When a "friend" sells lies about her to the tabloids, her life starts to fall apart. He claimed she had extreme sexual preferences, which was laughable since she was still a virgin. She would have worked a plan on how to counter, but was called to the corporate offices for a meeting. She quickly learned it was an ambush.

Her father wouldn't listen to her. Wouldn't support her. That was hardly a surprise. Learning that she was to choose a groom from the men in the room? Flabbergasted would be a good description, but Maddie needed to stay sharp. Not only was she in a battle against her father, but one of the men was Viktor Beck. A man who had once proven he had no interest in her.

Interest in the company? Undeniable. And he was willing to marry her for it.

An Heiress for His Empire proves just how passionate a cold corporate tycoon can be with the woman of his choice. And Maddie is his choice, not just a means to a takeover. The chemistry between these two is undeniable. But it is watching Viktor realize he might have underestimated the true depth of feelings he was capable of having for Maddie that was truly entertaining. I look forward to Maddie's best friend Romi finding her own romance with Viktor's business rival, and fellow Russian, in A Virgin for His Prize

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