Kostas's Convenient Bride

Harlequin Presents #3617

By Lucy Monroe

May 2018

Contemporary Romance

Kayla Jones never expected that with one business meeting her whole world would crumble around her. She loved her work and the security it had brought her. She loved the man who was her boss and best friend, Andreas Kostas, who also technically called her his business partner. As if owning a mere 5% of the company made her a partner. But when Andreas introduced her to a matchmaker he had hired to find him a wife, and also revealed his plans to sell the company, all of Kayla's dreams and expectations evaporated. Andreas claimed to value her, said he considered her his best friend, but how could that be true when he had kept such life changing plans from her? Andreas might have assumed she would fall in line with his plans, but Kayla also knew the man he was selling to, and left for New York City to meet with him. She would take control of her future.

Andreas had goals, and everything in his life was going perfectly. Now was the time to find a wife and make a family. He also wanted a new challenge in business. Regardless of these changes, he fully expected Kayla would remain an important part of his life. Her reaction was quite unexpected. Even worse was her disappearance. She left him floundering, and it was not a feeling he appreciated. She wasn't with him, and that was unacceptable. Kayla was in New York, and he had every intention to be right at her side.

Kostas's Convenient Bride was a best friends and, in a way, a reunion romance, all in one. Andreas and Kayla had once dated, but for the past several years, the two had been best friends, and business partners. But nothing more. Now, when Kayla has left him, all bets are off and Andreas is willing to use any tactic to win her back. He may be a business shark, but his sole focus is courting Kayla, and he has the backdrop of New York City to woo and win her.

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