Who's Been Sleeping In My Brother's Bed?

The Atrati - Book 2

Bodyguards in Bed Anthology

By Lucy Monroe

Brava - June 2011

Contemporary Romance

Danusia Chernichenko was used to her siblings keeping her at a distance, and keeping her in the dark. Not that they shared everything with each other, but as the youngest, and a child prodigy among geniuses, she stood apart. There wasn't a lack of love either, but, perhaps, a lack of understanding. She was able to use her brilliant brain to ferret details that they certainly tried to hide from her parents and the world. For example her brother Roman claimed to be a military scientist, but there was no way that he, or any of his "associates" were anything other than elite military.

Needing a place to stay while repairs were made to her apartment, Danusia decided to crash at her brother's. Being greeted at the door with a gun to her head had definitely not been the welcoming she'd anticipated. But the sight that she encountered when the gun was drawn away definitely was. Maxwell Baker. Powerful. Sinfully delicious. One of those "associates" of her brother that she knew worked in the uber-secret world of the military. And a man she had wanted since she had first laid eyes on him. Unfortunately, Max had some preconceived notions about a relationship with her.

Danusia would simply use her brilliant mind to change Max's.

Sexy, charming, and with a dash of suspense, Who's Been Sleeping In My Brother's Bed? is a entertaining glimpse into the life of the youngest Chernichenko. Max was perfect for Danusia, determined to protect her, but not completely shelter as her family had done. I look forward to further The Atrati stories.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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