Beloved Stranger

Gaian Series - Book 6

By Janet Miller

Samhain - August 2012

Science Fiction Romance

Roan Duman needed a wife, and soon. He only had six months left to his sentence, and needed to attach at a marriage meet. He had attended several during his sentence on the prison planet, and knew if he didn't attach soon, it was likely he never would once he was released. He didn't have many options available, and even less in choosing a wife. For he had no choice, it was biology that made the decision, unless more than one male attached to the woman. Then, it was the woman's choice. Either way, Roan wanted a wife, knew he would not be completely happy until he had one by his side when he finally left this planet behind and had redeemed himself to his family.

This time, he attached. And she accepted him. She was beautiful. He knew that he would love her. He looked forward to the years before them. Everything would finally be perfect. He had a wife, and when they left this planet in six months and returned to his home, he would have redeemed himself for the crimes he had committed.

Sonja Deems had been searching for her sisters for years. She knew she was at the right place. This is where they had been sold into marriages, and separated from her. She had one goal - find who they had been forced to marry, rescue them, and leave this planet. There was one little problem. A husband who cared for her and saw this marriage as real. But that didn't matter. It couldn't matter. He might think that her sisters would be happy, but she knew better. When someone is kidnapped and sold, they are slaves. They would want to escape with her.

Beloved Stranger is a fast paced, touching science fiction romance certain to entertain from cover to cover. Roan is absolutely dedicated to his wife, even if that means that he will lose her. But that doesn't mean he will stop trying to convince her that marrying a Gian was the best thing to happen to her. Sonja is a strong independent heroine determined to help her sisters, and stop the slave traders. I absolutely enjoyed watching these two people fight their way through enemies and conflict to find their happily ever after together.

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