The Texan's Christmas

Texas Rodeo Barons Continuity Series - Book 6

Harlequin American #1522

By Tanya Michaels

November 2014

Contemporary Romance

The Texan's Christmas, is the sixth and final story in the Texas Rodeo Barons continuity series - a series written by different authors. Although connected with a continuing storyline, for the most part, this story stands on its own.

Daniel Baron was the lone man standing. Literally in his family. All his adult siblings, both step and full, had recently found love, as well as immediate families. He loved his family and the nieces and nephews, but had no intention of having children of his own. He had always been surrounded by family, but hadn't felt close to any, except his brother Jacob. In fact, he was considering job opportunities that would send him far away from his home in Texas. He doesn't anticipate anything deviating him from his plans. At least that is until he meets Nicole Bennett who has a few little bits of news that change everything.

First, she knows what happened to Delia Baron, Daniel's step-father's first wife, and the mother of four of his step-siblings. Nicole appreciates Daniel's quiet support as she faced his siblings' to tell them of Delia's past. Growing up in foster homes, Nicole had always wanted a family, and had turned to artificial insemination to reach her goal. She is now pregnant, and more than just attracted to a man who doesn't want a family.

The Texan's Christmas is a story of healing. Nicole is looking for family, Daniel has always felt separated from his family, and Delia had left her family. The romance between Nicole and Daniel is touching, sexy and romantic. However, I was very surprised based on Nicole's past that instead of reaching out to an older child, or children, in the foster system, that she chose artificial insemination. Also, the common storyline for the Texas Rodeo Barons continuity series was Delia's abandonment of her children. In The Texan's Christmas, the truth of Delia's separation is revealed. I appreciated the reconciliation, but think that it was a bit too easy. For the series itself, I enjoyed the stories, and was glad to be introduced to so many new-to-me authors.

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