Mayhem Minis

By Donna Michaels

Forbidden Publications - October 2007

Contemporary/Contemporary/Paranormal Romances

Hunk Slave

Christine Conrad should have been at home reading Shakespeare to her cats. Instead, she had allowed her friend, Taylor, to talk her into joining her at a hunk auction fundraiser. There she runs into Eric Bradshaw, a boy she'd had a crush on in high school, who has grown into a gorgeous man. Unfortunately, it is her friend who starts the bidding.

Soul Survivor

Leah Wilson had finally brought her parents' murderer to justice. She had become an FBI agent and gone undercover doing anything and everything necessary to accomplish this, and lost a bit of herself in the process. Now she had a future to look at without their deaths shadowing her path, and along comes Jason, a fellow agent determined to help Leah accept her choices and walk with him into the future.

Neptune's Gift

Dr. Laurel Adams and her fiance Carter Jackson were on an expedition trying to find King Neptune's lair. They had met on another quest, and learned that they enjoyed searching for hidden treasures and historical finds as much as they enjoyed being with one another. Now, they are about to discover more than just treasure, something unimaginable.

Mayhem Minis is a good read for discovering the different writing talents of Ms. Michaels. They are each very short stories, more like having a scene, but still complete regarding the hero and heroine's feelings for one another. Hunk Slave is a light contemporary where two people are reunited from years past. Soul Survivor is a poignant story of a woman overcoming survivor's guilt and forgiving herself for the means she had used to capture a very dangerous man. Now she is able to face a relationship with a man determined to fight for her. Finally, in Neptune's Gift, we have a paranormal where the hero and heroine are already a couple, but are embarking on an adventure together.

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