Amazing Gracie

Short Story in In Bloom Anthology

By Fern Michaels

Zebra Books - May 2022

Contemporary Fiction

In Bloom Anthology consists of three stories celebrating mothers. Each stands on its own. The three stories are a fiction short story Amazing Gracie by Fern Michaels, and two romance short stories, Meant To Be by Lori Foster and The Mother's Day Crown by Carolyn Brown.

Gracie Walden was looking forward to Mother's Day to be with her mother and sister. She may travel the world with her job as a flight attendant, but returning to where she grew up was always the best. They had two weeks to cram as much as they could do together.

Gracie had expected easy camaraderie, but it seemed that there were unsettling undercurrents between her mother and sister. They may insist all was well, Gracie was equally insistent something was wrong.

Amazing Gracie is a story of a woman's relationship with the two most important women in her life. I enjoyed watching the three women reconnect and celebrate on the town.

Kathy Andrico -


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