Valentine's Day Do-Over Part II: The Siblings

Valentine's Day Do-Over Series - Book 2

By Donna Michaels

The Wild Rose Press - 2008

Paranormal Romance

Eros is at it again. He had just regrown all the feathers he had lost last year while trying to get Rome and Ivy together. Now, he needed to unite Rome's brother, Race Hartt, and Ivy's sister, Mia Valentine. And if he thought last year was difficult, boy was he in for an unpleasant surprise.

Race would have liked to avoid his family. Oh, he loved them all, but he was getting nauseous from his brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law's lovey-dovey actions and comments. He was to the point of willingly signing up for another tour just to get away. He was thrilled that Rome had found love and was happy, but that definitely was not the life he wanted, or needed. No, he was happy finding different women, having no responsibilities, and living life to its fullest. Unfortunately, his mom wanted to play matchmaker with him and Ivy's sister. That could have been opportunistic, until he learned who she was. She was exactly the type of woman he avoided.

Major Mia Valentine had learned that her career and a relationship probably wouldn't work. So she had perfected an impersonal persona. Unfortunately, it seemed to work too well. Although they hadn't officially met, it was obvious that the captain was uninterested in her, to the point of being rude. Not that she minded, he was the epitome of the type of man she didn't want.

At least that is what they both kept telling themselves. Valentine's Day, after Day, after Day, until they each began to realize that maybe they were both mistaken in their preconceived beliefs about the other.

Valentines Day Do-Over II: The Siblings was even more enjoyable than its predecessor. I loved Mia and Race. I was touched by Mia's past, not wanting to be neglected. However, I simply adored Race. He wasn't intimidated having a relationship with a woman who was his superior. Ultimately, he wanted what was best for Mia, and hoped that it was him.

Kathy Andrico -