Some Like It Wild

Kincaid Series - Book 2

By Teresa Medeiros

Avon - April 2009

Historical Romance

Pamela Darby had a plan. She wanted to find who had killed her mother. She needed money to help keep herself and her sister Sophie safe. She intended to claim the reward for finding the Duke of Warrick's long-lost son. To do that, she needed an imposter. She never expected him to arrive as a highwayman.

Connor Kincaid had planned to simply rob some ladies. Instead, he found himself the center of a farce. He agreed to be the imposter, but soon found himself wanting more. Not the adulation, money, or influence of his supposed station... he wanted Pamela.

Some Like it Wild was a fitting sequel to Some Like it Wicked. Connor was a hero who had spent his life protecting those he cared about, first his young sister, then later his clansmen. Now, he was living in hiding as a fugitive, on the outskirts of society, with only his dubious honor remaining. Pamela was a fitting heroine determined to find out who had murdered her mother. True, she was scheming to deceive a duke and receive a reward, but she continually fought her conscience as to why she needed to follow this path. The secondary characters were equally engaging, and I would love to see a story for Sophie.

Kathy Andrico -