Some Like It Wicked

Kincaid Series - Book 1

By Teresa Medeiros

Avon - August 2008

Historical Romance

Since she had been a child and sent from Scotland by her brother Connor to their uncle's home in England, Catriona Kincaid had had dreams. She dreamed of returning to Scotland and helping Connor restore the Kincaid land to its former glory. It had been a dream instilled in them by their father, before their parents had been killed.

Catriona had also dreamed of a man who would be her hero. Not just any man, but Simon Wescott, the man who had defended her as a child, had gone off in the military, and had returned a national hero. It was this man Catriona would go to and make a deal for his help. She would go to him, in Newgate prison.

Simon was hardly in any position to object to Catrionas offer. And granted, once he had been released from prison, Simon could have disappeared without fulfilling his part of the bargain, but he didn't. In fact, as the two headed north, he discovered, much to his increasing chagrin, that he was not acting on his typical unscrupulous tendencies. Instead, he found himself wanting more than he had ever thought possible. He found a glimpse of the man he could be in the eyes of the woman that he wanted to hold forever. But he knew better than that. He knew who, and what he was. And what he was unfailingly, was no woman's hero.

Some Like It Wicked was simply a delight to read. I was engrossed with the characters and their plight from the very beginning. Catriona and her dreams were almost heartbreaking. She wanted to bring pride back to her clan, and she wanted Simon to be the hero she knew he kept hidden deep within. I eagerly await the sequel, Some Like It Wild.

Kathy Andrico -