Undercover Trouble

By Carol McPhee

Champagne Books - March 2007

Contemporary Romance

Jen Murray was fed up with her neighbor. His inconsiderate action of revving his motorcycle as he passed her cottage disturbed her sleep. She'd had enough, and was determined to speak her mind. Meeting the ruffian face to face made Jen rethink her rash decision. Should she really be bothering with the man who looked like a gang member? She was alone, in the woods, and could be making an enemy of someone whose ire might just cause her more trouble than she was already in.

Mitch Waverly was in deep. Deep undercover trying to infiltrate a gang. He was currently hiding as a secret witness. He enjoyed the quiet of the woods, until his annoying neighbor and her wimpy dog showed up. It was obvious what she thought of him, it showed on her face whenever she looked at him. She also wasn't the type of woman that Mitch typically pursued. One primary reason was her dislike of him. A second was she had a lot of emotional baggage.

Soon, Mitch found himself trying to cross Jen's defenses and start a relationship with her. The gang had put a hit out on Jen, and Mitch was supposed to kill her. He needed to protect Jen, try to find out the details behind the incident that sent Jen running to the woods, and show Jen that he truly wasn't the barbarian he was presenting to the world.

The highlight of Undercover Trouble was watching the two main characters interact. Jen tries to avoid Mitch, but he is constantly around, helping her, and she finds herself attracted to him despite all intentions. Mitch is put off by Jen's sometimes puritanical characteristics, but still finds himself drawn to her. Not only to protect, as is his career motto, but because he finds himself falling for her. There were a few too many "coincidences" in the storyline to find believable, but I was still very entertained by the book. I am interested in finding out what's next by this author.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com