The Last Christmas Visit

Short Story in Home For the Holidays Anthology

By Stacy McKitrick


Vampire Romance

Every Christmas, Katarina went to see Michael. A man she loved, a man who loved her, but they both knew it wasn't enough. They weren't in love with one another, which was key to them being together, as Katarina was a vampire, Michael a mortal, and together was eternity.

But with mortals, time passes, and Katarina learns that her old friend has died. His grandson Justin is there to greet her when she arrives for her annual visit. As she spends time with him, Katarina realizes it hadn't only been for Michael that she had returned each year. Justin had lived here too, and he had drawn her to him.

The Last Christmas Visit was a romantic tale where we glimpsed into a secret society of vampires that made me crave more. I found the romance between Katarina and Justin to be complete and believable. It had passion, grief, romance, and even a battle. I would love to learn more about these vampires in future stories.

Home For the Holidays is a short anthology with nine stories that is a mere 125 pages. We are introduced to six new authors, some of whom I hope to see in print again soon. This anthology includes: Christmas at Coventry Arcade by Becke Martin, The Holly and the Ivey by Sandy Pennington, Speaking the Language by Ann Gregory, Triple Trouble on Christmas Eve by Becke Martin, Merry and Bight by Ann Gregory, Silver and Gold by Becke Martin, The Last Christmas Visit by Stacy McKitrick, Time's Holiday by Jennette Marie Powell, and No More Resolutions by Dakota James

Kathy Andrico -

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