Love at First Book

By Jenn McKinlay

Berkley Romance – May 2024

Contemporary Romance

Emily Allen had left her demanding mother, and career as a librarian, to work her dream job. She would be assistant to Siobhan Riordan, the author of the most amazing young adult series. The series that had been a major part of her formative years. The author who had written the last story with a cliffhanger, ten year ago.

But Siobhan wished to finish her series, and had invited Emily to come help her overcome her writer's block. Emily would also use her own expertise of the characters to assist. When not helping Siobhan, she was to work at Siobhan and her son's bookstore.

Kieran Murphy obviously did not agree with his mother and wanted Emily to leave. He kept trying to put obstacles in her way. Why exactly was she cataloguing books in an antiquated program while hidden away in the far corner of the bookstore? But Emily was determined. And the more she gets to know Kieran and his fierce protectiveness he has for his mother, the better she understands his hesitancy to her presence.

But that soon all gives way to the undeniable attraction they have for one another.

Love at First Book was an enjoyable read from beginning to end. I enjoyed the extensive cast of characters as well as the setting. Every book lover has that one author (or more) that they would be thrilled to brainstorm with on their next book. Emily is living all of our dreams. I was so fascinated by the world building of Siobhans' stories that I wish that we could have the opportunity to read these books. Emily and Kieran are complex characters who must navigate several issues to find their happily ever after. Emily's best friend was the heroine of Summer Reading, but it does stand along, and I didn't see any reference to this being part of a series. Love at First Book has about everything, a wonderful romance, laughter, and heartbreak. The only thing missing for this cat lover, was the cat on the cover.

Kathy Andrico -


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